Just listen to Amanda Augustine, our TopResume career expert.

When it comes to your career and the job search, our TopResume career expert, Amanda Augustine, has the advice you need. From professional networking to creating the perfect LinkedIn profile, Augustine provides the job-search and career tips you need to be successful. For example:

Q: How do you create a resume that recruiters are really going to care about?

AA: The name of the game is to customize. You need to tailor your resume for the role that you're going after. Since your resume is more than likely going to go through an applicant tracking system (ATS) before it reaches a hiring manager or recruiter (aka human eyes), you need to craft it to get through this process. You can do this by finding job descriptions that describe the role you're pursuing and using that information by pasting it into a word cloud generator. Identify what soft skills, technical skills, core requirements, and types of experience pop up the most. What are the keywords you're noticing? Once you figured this out and have decided what is relevant to your experience, use these keywords to update your resume.

Another thing: Make sure you're using bullets as a design element to capture the recruiters' attention. Typically, you should bullet your measurable successes and other quantifiable achievements under your work experience. What have you created or contributed to that was valuable to your previous company? If your role is not necessarily quantifiable, think about what wouldn't get done if you didn't go to work. Highlight what makes you valuable.

Now, this is just one snippet of the variety of advice our career expert has to offer. Watch the video below to see Augustine answer your questions on informational interviews, how to combat age discrimination in the job search, resume-writing tips, and more.

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