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Q: What's the best way to include licenses — and other important certifications — on a resume?

I suggest including a list of your relevant credentials toward the end of your resume in a section labeled “Education and Professional Development.” If you have a number of licenses and certifications, you may decide to create a separate section below “Education” to showcase this information. However, only include licenses or certifications on your resume if they support your current job goals.

If you hold a license, advanced degree, or other certification that is considered a major selling point for the positions you are targeting during your job search, you may decide to incorporate this information into your professional summary at the top of your resume as well.

You can also take it one step further and incorporate the acronym for your most coveted credentials after your name, at the very top of your resume. For example, I list my name as “Amanda Augustine, CPCC & CPRW” on my resume and other personal branding materials because these certifications demonstrate my expertise in career coaching and resume writing.

By mentioning this information at the top of the resume and listing additional details at the bottom, you're ensuring a recruiter doesn't accidentally overlook one of your selling points during his very quick look at your resume.

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