Our writers share the most common resume mistakes they see job seekers make.

With limited space to highlight your cumulative professional skills and accomplishments, plus perk an employer's interest, your resume is high-value real estate. Everything from layout to word choice matters. Our network of professional resume writers work with hundreds of job seekers every day to re-write their resumes and it's safe to say they've seen it all when it comes to resume blunders. We've asked them to weigh in on the most common mistakes they see. Keep your eyes peeled; you don't want your resume to include any of the following common mistakes!

The most common mistake I see is having one really broad resume that isn't focused on a specific job goal.

Carrie M., TopResume writer

Most of my clients struggle with formatting, word usage, and the promotion of their accomplishments. First and foremost, I work with folks to move their content to a modern format keeping with industry best practice. I then work on the verbiage, seeking to expand my clients' vocabulary, eliminate redundancies, and teach clients how to say certain important points in a more eloquent and/or concise way.

Lauren P., TopResume writer

I see a lot of clients cramming their resumes with as much information as possible. A resume shouldn't include anything and everything, it should simply create interest for the hiring manager or recruiter by summarizing and demonstrating their qualifications. The extra little details should be reserved for the interview, once the employer is already interested.

Mark S., TopResume writer

The most common resume mistakes I see with my clients are a bunch of small errors that add up to one big, ineffective resume. These resume mistakes range from using first and third person language, failing to incorporate enough of the right resume keywords, listing out too many tasks instead of highlighting achievements, and usign a resume format that doesn't accurately reflect the client's professional level of experience.

Muhammed S., TopResume writer

Some of the most common resume mistakes I see on my clients' resumes have to do with improper formatting, the inclusion of outdated positions (beyond the 15-year window), typos (especially those that spellcheck misses), and too much passive language.

Hillary F., TopResume writer

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