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There's a special kind of person out there who faces a battle each and every workday. Chances are pretty good that you know — or are — such a person.


The commuter must take on traffic, the weather, and mass-transit schedules just to get to and from their job each day. It can be a long and tedious chore that adds on to the workday and the daily stress.

Whether it's for the holidays or another special occasion, the right gift can help the commuter in your life find a little (or a lot) of enjoyment as they travel to and from work. Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for daily commuters: 

1. Masks they'll actually enjoy wearing

Since we live in the time of COVID-19, masks are an important part of our safety precautions. A commuter who spends time on a bus or train needs to have a mask, but not just any mask. Give them a mask that they'll enjoy and feel secure wearing each day. 

You can find a lot of cool mask designs on places like Etsy. They can range from stylish to just plain funny, but make sure you check out reviews to find one that is safe and highly rated. Ideally, look for a mask that includes a filter and has a nose wire. 

If we have to wear masks, we might as well wear cool ones, right?

2. Elegant hand sanitizer

Okay, maybe you can't really make hand sanitizer elegant, but they are not all created equal. Some of them don't have the right ingredients to be truly effective and others smell, well, bad. Really bad. 

Give the gift of a hand sanitizer that does a little bit more. Some brands include ingredients that help to soften and moisturize the hands, or you can even go organic and choose from a wide variety of scents that make them a joy to put on. 

3. Sanitizing light

Did you know that UV light can kill bacteria and viruses? It's a great way to disinfect things that you don't want to wash with soap and water or smear with hand sanitizer, like smartphones or tablets. If you know a commuter, you know they use that phone or that tablet a lot to keep things interesting during the trip. 

Help them keep their precious tools clean with a UV sanitizer so they can stay safe. 

4. A few tanks of gas

People who have a long drive to work spend a lot of time and money at the gas pump. There's not much you can do about that time, but you can take the edge of the financial pinch by giving the gift of gas. 

If you know what gas station your friend frequents, a gift card from there should do the trick. Not sure? Get a basic Visa gift card that can be used anywhere.

5. Something to listen to

Time on a commute goes a lot faster if you have something to listen to, so give the commuter you love the gift of entertainment. 

If they love music and making spectacular playlists, a Spotify subscription rocks. Would they rather listen to a great book? You can't beat Audible for selection. Footing the bill for a subscription for music or audiobooks may not actually reduce their commute time, but it will feel like it —  and you'll be a hero.

6. Wireless headphones

Headphones are a must if you're commuting on a train or a bus — or even a long trek on foot. Help your commuter cut the cord with a great set of wireless headphones or earbuds. They'll keep the world out, keep the sound in, and avoid unnecessary tangles. It's a can't miss gift idea. 

7. A sturdy pair of gloves

If your commuter lives in a cool climate, gloves are a daily part of their outfit. But, as we noted above, phones and tablets are also a part of the deal and gloves can be a nuisance when it comes to touchscreens. 

Not anymore. Today you can find gloves that allow you to use a touchscreen without removing the glove. It's so simple, yet so brilliant — and your commuter will love the convenience. 

8. A backpack or travel bag

Every commuter needs a backpack, bag, or briefcase to carry stuff to and from work, and not every commuter has one that rocks. Cover your bases and look for a bag that has plenty of space, multiple compartments (including a spot for their phone and computer), and possibly a portable phone charging. 

It's a tool and it's a stylish accessory, and the right bag can make all the difference.

9. Feed their caffeine habit

If there's one thing commuters go through faster than gasoline, it may be coffee. It can burn through their pocketbook pretty fast, too. While many commuters try to cut back to save money, they really want that extra large white chocolate mocha with an extra shot of espresso. 

If your friend has a favorite java shop, spring for a gift card. Helping them enjoy their commute with a good cup of guilt-free joe will put a little extra spring in their step.

Make every day a little better

The right gift can make the daily commute at least a little bit better. Plus they'll think of you for a moment or two each day as they put on their new headphones or gloves or tune into that Spotify playlist that pumps them up for the day. 

Who knew going to and from work could be so much fun?

Looking for other ways to help your friends — or yourself? A resume rewrite from a professional may be the trick. 

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