We've compiled a list of the perfect gifts for the job seeker in your life.

The job search can be a lonely and overwhelming process. This holiday season, show the job seekers in your life that you care by providing a thoughtful gift that is sure to bring some much-needed cheer. Below is a list of practical gift ideas that will fit any budget.

Resume & cover letter rewrite 

The average recruiter spends less than 10 seconds reviewing a resume before deciding if the candidate is a fit for the job. In today's job market, it's essential for professionals to have a top-notch resume that tells their career story, captures the hiring manager's attention, and ensures their application will make it past the electronic gatekeepers. 

And when it comes to the cover letter, it's better to be prepared — and what better way than with a professionally written cover letter. A cover letter can make or break an application, so you want to make sure the job seeker in your life has the best. 

Invest in your loved one's success by purchasing a resume package through a professional resume-writing service like us. Packages range from $150 to $350, with the Career Evolution and Executive Priority packages including cover letter writing.

LinkedIn profile

With 97 percent of recruiters using LinkedIn to evaluate and screen candidates, the job seeker's LinkedIn profile is very important. If you're looking for a job, it pays to have a well-written LinkedIn profile that supports your resume and tells a consistent story about your job goals and qualifications. 

Improve your loved one's chances of landing their dream job by purchasing a professional LinkedIn profile makeover through a service like ours for $125.

LinkedIn Premium 

If the job seeker in your life already has a LinkedIn profile they feel confident in, there are other LinkedIn gifts you can give — and LinkedIn premium is one of them. 

LinkedIn Premium Career is $29.99 a month. It includes three InMail messages (messages that can be sent to any LinkedIn user, no connection necessary), information on the LinkedIn users who view their profiles, and more tools to help make those profiles stand out to recruiters.

Help your loved ones expand their networks and utilize LinkedIn's job-search potential by paying for a year-long subscription, or offer to pay for the first six months. 

Business cards

All job seekers should own a set of business cards with their personal contact information so they can capitalize on every networking opportunity. Arm your loved ones with this important, yet often overlooked, personal branding tool. You can order gift cards from providers like Moo and Jukebox, ranging from $10 to $100 in value.

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Financial planning session

Want to make an impactful, positive change with your gift? Gift your loved ones with a session with a financial professional. Together, they will run through financial habits and goals, as well as ways to maximize financial potential. 

This can be especially beneficial for the job seeker in your life as they navigate the road ahead of them. If they are currently unemployed, a financial planning session could help them get a hold of their budget for their job search and ensure they are financially stable during this time of little-to-no income. 

Not sure where to start? You can set up a session with Guardian Light by speaking with a financial representative.

Interview wardrobe

In a perfect world, the most qualified candidate would always land the job. Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world, and qualifications are not the only thing that comes into play. Experts agree that everything from one's clothing and grooming habits to hygiene and hairstyle can impact a professional's candidacy, whether they're looking for a new job or vying for a promotion.

Help someone in your life make the right first impression with prospective employers by purchasing them a new interview outfit — or in the case of virtual interviews, a nice, new shirt. If you're unsure what type of company they're targeting in their job search, play it safe and purchase a gift card with a major retailer, such as Macy's.

Membership to professional organizations

Studies have shown that candidates whose job applications include an employee referral are ten times more likely to land the job. Help those on your gift list make those valuable connections by paying for their membership to a relevant professional association. 

Association Directory provides a comprehensive association directory that will make it easy for your loved one to identify the right group for them. Alternatively, have your gift recipient take a look at the LinkedIn profiles of their managers or peers to see which groups they belong to.

Interview and career coaching services

If you know someone who's struggling with their job search, a career coach may be the perfect gift. Depending on who you hire and what your loved one needs, this professional can act as a sounding board, an educator, and a great motivator. Do your research to find a reputable coach that meets your loved one's needs. A good place to start is at The Five O'Clock Club. Prices range between $150 and $250 an hour.

If the job seeker you know needs interview help specifically, check out our sister brand TopInterview — their coaches can help turn your loved one into an interview pro.

Whether it's been a while since their last interview, or they're just looking to fine-tune their elevator pitch, TopInterview's one-on-one video coaching sessions give the job seekers on your shopping list the confidence to enter interviews ready for anything. Package prices range from $149 - $349

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Ring Light 

As more and more interviews move onto Zoom (and other virtual platforms), making sure your virtual set up is clean, simple, and well-lit is extremely important. Unfortunately, sometimes the lighting in our home just isn't enough. If the job seeker in your life has this same problem, then consider gifting them with a ring light this holiday season. 

While the ring light is notorious for its use by Instagram influencers and YouTube royalty, it will also benefit the average job seeker trying to impress in their virtual interview. By lighting up their faces in a pleasant way, the interviewer will be sure to listen to what they have to say — and not get distracted by why they are in the dark. 

You can find a wide variety of ring lights on Amazon

Professional skills

If the job seeker in your life is interested in making a major career change or industry switch, it may be necessary for them to invest in professional development opportunities to fill certain skill gaps. Help your loved one become a more attractive candidate by investing in their learning opportunities. These days, professionals don't need to leave the comfort of their homes to hone new skill sets. Consider purchasing a membership to Lynda.com ($19.99 per month) or SkillShare ($15 per month or $99 for the year) to help them expand their knowledge. Both services offer a free trial to start.

Care packages

Anyone who's ever searched for a job knows how stressful the process can be, so helping your loved one unwind with specially curated care packages is one route to take when gift-giving this year. Happy Box is one such company you can use to find the perfect care package for your loved one. 

Boxes can be personalized through the build a box tool, allowing you to custom create a selection of goodies — or you can choose from their carefully crafted box sets. From their Ultimate Self-Care box to their Like a Good Book box, there is a box to fit everyone's needs.  

Want to flex your creative skills instead? Put together a gift basket full of stress-relieving face masks, candles, and bath oils. Origins has a great line of relaxation and stress-relief products to choose from, ranging from $12 to $45.

You could also stuff your loved one's stocking with a stress ball for $6 or add a little humor to your gift package by including a Dammit Stress Doll ($16) from Spilsbury to provide them with an outlet for their job-search frustration.

This holiday season, let the job seeker in your life know how you feel about them with one of these gifts — and remember, it's always the thought that counts.  

Interested in giving a resume makeover to the job seeker in your life? Learn more about TopResume.

This article was updated in December 2020 by Danielle Elmers.

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