Let's figure out what your relationship status is with your most important significant other — your job.

TopResume recently asked more than 500 professionals, “What's your relationship with your job?” to find out how people really feel about their current employment situation.

Whether you're single and looking to mingle with the right job opportunity or happily committed to your current employer, the infographic below will help you successfully plot the next steps of your career.


I'm in a committed relationship

It's great that you love your job — just make sure you're taking the necessary steps to remain relevant and competitive in your field. Seek out professional development opportunities to keep your skills sharp and regularly update your resume and LinkedIn profile so you're always prepared for the unexpected.

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I'm in an open relationship

You're not alone! The most successful professionals tend to have a wandering eye for their next career move. They're always open to learning about new opportunities, keeping their professional materials current, and remaining active within their networks.

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I'm single

That's not a bad thing — you're in a great position to find a job that's a perfect fit. Let's make sure your next one is a keeper. Start by giving these exercises a try to narrow down your goals.

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It's complicated.

Sure, everyone gets a case of the Mondays from time to time. But if you dread going to work each morning, count the minutes until you can leave or regularly have nightmares about the job, it might be time to start drafting that “Dear John letter” to your manager.

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