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A savvy consumer does their research, and in this day and age, there's an overwhelming amount of information available with each Google search. Whether investing in a new pair of running sneakers or searching for a new hairstylist, with every potential purchase comes questions to determine if the product or service is worth it.

If you're thinking about investing in professional resume-writing services, you probably have questions. Instead of answering them ourselves, we're going to let our past customers do the talking. Their experience with TopResume resume writer services should reflect a reasonable picture of customer reviews and satisfaction.

These testimonials are real reviews left on Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and Google reviews. We hope the answers from job seekers like you are helpful!

Is TopResume legit? 

We could talk your ear off about the benefits of our services! There's the time that a professional resume rewrite will save you, the confidence a professional resume will help you build, the greater number of interviews you'll land — the list goes on. And we have the data to back it up.

But here's what real customers have to say.

TopResume's expertly crafted resumes can help you stand out in a difficult employment environment

“I recently engaged TopResume to help me craft a resume that would help me to land a new job after being negatively impacted by the pandemic. I was very skeptical and wasn't a believer in these types of services. I reluctantly paid for the service and didn't have a great expectation of a good result.

"I couldn't have been more wrong.

"I went through the TopResume process and worked collaboratively with one of their resume writers and the result was an inbox filled with offers to apply for positions that met my expectations. I lined up many interviews and landed a great job in a very difficult employment environment. I strongly recommend TopResume. If you are changing careers or looking for a new opportunity, try TopResume. You'll be glad you did.” — Bob H.

A professionally written resume gets noticed — one of our customers secured interviews less than a day after using her new documents

“Thank you so much for the update on my resume!!! It was amazing. I applied for a couple of jobs and in less than 12 hours I got two calls with interviews, and a week later both jobs made me an offer. At both interviews I was told my resume jumped to the top of the list. I can't believe the response. I'm very grateful for your service. I will recommend you to all my friends.” — Virgen

Candidates using resumes rewritten by TopResume are 3 times more likely to secure a new job than those using self-written resumes. This customer is on his way

“This was my first time working with a resume site. The writer I worked with was super friendly and helpful, and I could tell he was there to help serve my needs. If you're on the fence about getting this service or not, honestly do it! Within one week I've already had at least three phone interviews. This service made my resume amazing and I can tell it has already significantly helped my chances of getting a job fast!” — Austin

Does TopResume have writers in my industry?

The short answer: yes! Our team of writers has expertise in more than 65 industries and includes certified career coaches, recruiters, and experienced hiring professionals.

Here's what some of our customers have to say about working with their TopResume writer.

Our professional resume writers listen to their clients' needs

“The TopResume team assigned me a writer that understood my business background. She worked fast, listened to my requests and edits, and incorporated them in a timely manner. My resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile improved tremendously. I will recommend this service without hesitation!” — Analia

Your writer will have a solid understanding of your professional field, which will reflect in your new resume

“[My writer] Vicque was great. The writing and wording were excellent and in my opinion, her choice of keywords reflected a solid understanding of my professional field. Her suggestions for each element (resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile) were also spot on.” — G. J.

Our team of resume writers is diverse

“The TopResume service is outstanding. It is an informative, friction-free experience. Everyone I spoke with at TopResume seemed sincerely interested in my success!

"Also, TopResume has a diverse team of writers with experience to match your needs. My writer was Kathleen S. Kathleen was able to turn my sometimes clumsy phrases into confident and concise statements. She dug into my background and added information to my resume that should have been there a long time ago.

"If your job hunt isn't going as well as it should, or you're looking to advance, I highly recommend checking out TopResume. They are worth every penny!” — Brian

Is TopResume worth it?

We get it — you want to make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck. Is working with TopResume and a professional resume writer really worth it?

Our customers are finding success; doors are opening and their job searches are becoming more manageable. Here's what TopResume customers have to say.

Our clients appreciate a fast and effective service. That's what we deliver

“I needed my resume updated in a hurry! I normally do it myself but I wanted to stand out of the crowd. My first draft was done days before it said it would be, and it was perfect! I would definitely recommend using TopResume. Literally worth every penny. I can't wait to land my new job!” — Chauncey P.

Having your resume professionally rewritten will save you time and stress

“Fantastic! I got two requests for interviews the first week I sent out my new resume and cover letter. Definitely worth it. Just do yourself the favor and cut out the stress of writing your own resume and cover letter. Let the pros do it don't torture yourself.” — Lisa D.

This customer secured a new job in 24 hours. You read that right!

“All of the staff at TopResume were fantastic. I had tried other companies that provided this service and I was very disappointed. I was given a job offer within 24 hours of putting out the resume prepared for me [by TopResume]. And I accepted it. I owe you guys so much more than the reasonable fee I paid. Thank you so very much! I'm now going to get my daughter hooked up with you and will recommend you to anyone I know looking for a job. You are all fantastic!” — Duane W.

Is TopResume a scam? 

Simply put: no. Behind the scenes at TopResume is a group of professionals who are deeply committed to your professional success.

We know that the job search can be tough, disheartening, and frustrating, and our goal is to do everything we can to lighten your load. We strive for each of our clients' experiences to be as smooth, successful, and enjoyable as possible.

Exceeding expectations is what we strive for

I had pretty low expectations for this. After submitting my payment I immediately thought, "Oh shoot, I just got scammed." Much to my surprise I got a message directly from my editor. They worked with me, took my feedback, and made adjustments. I really can't think of any way they could improve their service. Definitely worth the money!” — Alexander C.

We're real! And we're going to help get you hired faster

“Wonderful site! After submitting my resume and getting linked with a resume writer, the process went super fast! I must say that I was a little skeptical at first because I thought it was a scam, but after researching and paying for the information, I realized it was real! After receiving my revised resume and cover letter, I was offered a job within a week of applying.” — Shaketta

We love turning skeptics into believers

“I was skeptical when seeking help from a professional writer. However, I was tremendously pleased with the outcome of my professional resume. TopResume paired me with Pam, who improved my resume 100%. Her writing skills are phenomenal. Pam was very punctual and very easy to talk to. The best news is, I posted the new resume and within hours, received invitations for interviews. Thanks Pam and thanks TopResume!” — Sharon M.

What is the TopResume questionnaire? 

To take your history, skills, and accomplishments and make them shine on your resume, we need as much detail about your career as possible.

This is where the TopResume questionnaire comes in. To start the process of your professional resume rewrite, you'll first fill out our questionnaire. Through it, you will provide the information needed to build your best career story, adding color and life to your existing resume. 

This additional information will help your writer craft a resume so good you'll be thinking, “I'd hire me!”

We get to know you so we can write a resume tailored to your goals

“Topresume is one of the best decisions I made in my life. I decided to invest in myself and it was worth every penny. I was asked to fill out a questionnaire so that they could have a better idea of what I wanted, my goals, my weaknesses, and my strengths. I was matched with a writer that took all these elements into consideration. She would reply to me very quickly and use my feedback to perfect the final documents. Within a week of communication we were able to create a final resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. I have gained a new confidence and know that I present myself in the best possible way.” — Medgine

We pay close attention to detail

“As soon as I placed the order I was directed to a very well structured and comprehensive information-gathering questionnaire. Once my details were submitted, the detail presented was clear on the steps to follow and expected lead-times. My allocated writer sent me a first draft, and it was immediately apparent that she was very competent and knowledgeable of my profession. We went through a few drafts, and the speed and attention to detail were staggering, including work done over the weekend. It culminated in a brilliant final product ahead of schedule. I have no hesitation recommending TopResume.” — Wayne M.

Our questionnaire helps us match you with a writer who will best suit your needs

“Hiring TopResume to assist me in building a better resume was flawless. You start by picking the package that best suits your needs. With me, I decided to do the Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn profile. After choosing my package I was directed to a questionnaire where I was asked in-depth questions so that TopResume could appropriately match me with the correct resume writer that has experience in my area. I was set up with Adrian who was great! She was patient and responded to my questions in a very fast manner.

"I had a top-notch resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile in less than a week. The communication between myself and Adrain, my resume writer, was perfect. I could not ask for a better experience. Within two days I got a hit on my resume and had a phone interview this week where in the past I could not get a company to even acknowledge me based on the resume I created myself … Definitely was a win-win for me! Highly recommend the services they provide. Good luck!” — Charles S.

Is TopResume an affordable resume writing service? 

Ranging from a free resume review to a top tier package fit for an executive-level professional, we have a price point and service for every job seeker.

You can get your resume reviewed for free here and check out all of our professional rewrite packages here. Here's what our customers have to say about our prices:

You'll receive a top-quality product

Simply put, the team at TopResume is phenomenal. Their writer quickly connected with me and I found it easy to collaborate with him. My concerns and questions were quickly and informatively addressed, and I was very happy with the final products. Also, I found the package prices to be very fair, especially for the quality of work I received. Thank you!” — Yaroslava T.

Customers say our services are worth it

“At first I was skeptical, thinking that it is too much money for it. But I was wrong. Seeing the result, it was worth every penny. I highly recommend TopResume. They turned my 5-page resume into something I never thought possible! In two pages and not missing important details. I didn't have to do many revisions, the writer seemed like he knew me for years. It's just amazing! I will recommend this service to all my friends and family.” — Jim R.

Others say we are a great investment 

“Was skeptical of trying something like this in the beginning, but I knew my current resume was very lacking in pretty much every way. Decided to spend the money and try it out. Money and time very well spent! Honestly, one of the best decisions and investments I have made. Both the resume and cover letter that was provided for me were very professional and better than anything I could make myself. This company and the writer that I was paired with were very professional and helpful. 10/10 and 5 stars all the way around.” — Luke F.

How good is TopResume? 

Job offers are coming in quick for our customers, and we couldn't be happier! If you're not having any job-search luck, it's time to make a change. Here's what our customers have to say about working with TopResume:

TopResume helps your job search go from crickets to job offers

8 months ago I hired a resume writing service that was supposed to be one of the best according to the reviews I read online. Everything looked good on the resume. I applied for 75-100 jobs and got an interview for one. I decided to try another resume service and chose TopResume after receiving an email offer from them. After two weeks using this new resume I have gotten offers to interview for 5 jobs. — Carolyn

Your career and resume are enhanced by TopResume's expertise

“My experience with this service was amazing. I would have never been able to write a cover letter and resume as great as they did. And they took my feedback and made it perfect. I'm beyond happy with my experience and will recommend this service to anyone. FYI my husband also used it earlier this year and immediately got several interviews and landed a job in the middle of this pandemic.” — Sarah C.

An outstanding experience will lead to an outstanding job search

“This is my first time using a professional resume-writing company and I am blown away! Allison Z. is absolutely amazing and I almost didn't recognize my resume when I received my final draft. Her feedback and quick response made for an outstanding experience! I highly recommend TopResume and will be telling my friends and family!” — Consumer

How much does TopResume cost? 

Great question! TopResume has a range of options to fit all budgets and professional levels.

You can find more information about our three primary packages and what each includes by clicking here.

Perfect for the job seeker looking to focus on improving their resume, look no further than our Professional Growth package. For those looking for a more holistic approach, our Career Evolution package includes a professional resume rewrite as well as a cover letter rewrite. For the seasoned professional in need of refreshed career materials fit for a CEO, our top tier Executive Priority package includes a professionally written resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile makeover, all created by one of our executive writers.

We do understand that not everyone is in a position to pay for our services. If this resonates, we also offer a complimentary resume review, which provides expert feedback on how to optimize your resume for today's job market. Here's what past clients have had to say about our free resume review:

Our resume review opens eyes and improves job searches

“The initial review was eye-opening. I thought my resume looked pretty good, but was not getting any hits. I went through the review process with TopResume and got a hit on my resume within two days of uploading it! Very impressive. Recommend everyone get a professional review of their resume.” — Ann

Could you use another opinion on your resume? We provide that for free

“I have been looking for a new job for months. I was only getting a few hits here and there. I saw an ad for a resume review. It was actually free. I got back a detailed response that had some pretty good advice. I was unsure this would be real. The detailed review gave me tips on what to change and WHY I should change it. I'm very happy.” — Pam

A free review of your resume helps you learn valuable skills

“The feedback from TopResume was super fast. And most importantly, they're doing a complete resume review free of charge. Isn't that something unbelievable 🤩 Their review was so complete, it even tells you whether or not your resume fits the current ATS systems. They'll update you often too. Looking forward to learning more from TopResume. Thank you so much :)” — Tya

Give TopResume a try

The job search can be unpredictable, time-consuming, and discouraging. A lot of it is not in your control, but one piece of the puzzle absolutely is: your resume. It's time you had a resume you feel confident in sending out to recruiters and hiring managers — a resume that makes you stand out from the crowd. Working with a professional resume writer from TopResume can make that happen.

Ready to start working with TopResume? Click here to get your professionally written resume.

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